Thursday, 23 December 2010

Pickles at Christmas: Away from politics and hard hitting social comment for a traditional Christmas tale of horror and suspenders.

Eric Pickles as he sets about destroying public services thanks to Clegg and the Lib Dems.

But I am not writing about him, or the coalition or even life in the Anderson Shelter down in the War Cabinet as they face Kutskrieg with the Vestminster fokkers trying to destroy our vital port city. Even the poor Liverpool lib dems are in hiding and their recently installed Morrison shelter is falling apart as they try to come up with some kind of answer to the savage attack. 

No,  not so close to Christmas Eve, I'm going to ignore all that. And I'm taking a great risk here posting this Christmas Special but it is really just a link to my personal diaries.

I know some of you who look to me to find out what's really going on in the city may be disappointed. Those who expect the more serious political headlines and in depth analysis which is usually my subject matter, may think this is far too frivolous for a serious academic and commentator like myself.

I suppose I am following in the example of poor Mr Bartlett on his blog Dole Street Queues. who gets battered by mean minded comments from readers if he even slightly moves away from the intrigue and Machiavellingtons of local politics. If he so much as publishes a saucy limerick that he may have overheard from Flo Clucas or a CCTV picture of the rat catcher trying to grab Richard Kemp's moustache. (I don't know what Richard Kemp must think. Maybe he should tell us in a blog - better than having to listen to him.) there is an army of critics having a go at the poor bloke. Probably the Lib dems, as they are getting increasingly desperate since being betrayed by Clegg. 

But What does Richard Kemp Think? 
He must think we're bleedin' soft in the head!
Have you noticed how they are all running scared of the inevitable electoral annihilation since joining the Conservatives?  Very convenient these leaks, it means Clegg can still cuddle up to Cameron while they try to kid us that really they don't like the Tories or their policies, or that they think the cuts are too mean. 

They are desperate to show us that they are still nice and that they are there to stop the naughty tories, the nasty Mr Osbourne and Fatty Pickles from destroying people's lives in order to keep the bankers bonuses and make us and the poorest pay for their greed.

Well. Lib Dummo's  they are only able to do that because you are keeping them in power and handed them the keys to number 10, all to secure a place in history for Clegg and a few hypocritical traitors to the people who trusted you with their vote.  The country didn't go out and vote for a coalition, it was not your duty to help Cameron form a government in the interest of the country. But if Mr Clegg likes to believe that the risks being taken, and the misery and hardship that will be caused for hard working ordinary people is well worth the price for a little tinkering with electoral reform, a plank, he says, (Hmmm) then I am sure the unemployed, the sick, the vulnerable and the soon to be homeless will hail him as a hero when they see they have a second preferred choice on the ballot paper come the next election.  

But I am not going to talk about all that misery, as in the words of that great social reformer and political philosopher, Lord Noddy of Holder...


So instead, I am directing you to my Personal Diary at the link below.  A Christmas tale of terror and getting into pickles...that's Wilfred Pickles and a Bird of the same name, not Lardy Arse Eric.

The Story of my good friends Mr Clack and Mrs Hewitt, a pet Macaw called Wilfred, and lots of Christmas cheer and good will.


Here it is, click on the link below.

Tatty Bye Everybody Tatty Bye

Back in the new year to lift the lid on the wheelie bin of local politics and custard.

Be Nice to each other