Monday, 2 April 2012

Local Media Mayoral Election Coverage and original Fine Art works to be flogged to highest bidder in attempt to raise funds for Mayor Campaign

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Liverpool Confidential
by our own Chronicspondent
Prof. "Scoop" Chucklebutty


In other news:
Lib Dems seem to be struggling to make an impact in the race for Mayor.

Richard Kemp For Mayor Campaign photo


As for my own campaign to be mayor, thanks to my campaign manager, having blown all the campaign funds on post victory snacks, including 3 tonnes of cream cheese and onion dip (which has already gone off!)  I am having to try and raise the money myself

And so I offer some fine contemporary rock and pop portraits from my private collection.
Offers in region of £20,000.

Now the thing is most of these portraits are usually depicting them as they were years ago. What's the point of that? Mine are all up to date.
For every one sold I'll donate a free pasty to George Osborne.

Sir Pete MacCartney

Staying with Herman's Hermits, the next one is as contemporary as I could manage.

Jim Lennon and Yaki Doodle

John and Yoko

Often in the shadows of the Beatles but still churning them out

Clit Richard

Sorry it's Cliff Richardson not Clit Richardson

But where would we be without the 60s and 70s?
Although maybe a bit out of fashion possibly because of the daft clothes. If you'd like to see the leader of the gang hanging somewhere, then Lot 3 should be right up your alley.
Gary Gutter

Gary Glitter King of Glam Dock

And for the soundtrack for the slightly duller more maudlin pop fan, those Blokes over troubled water

Simpson and Garfknuckle
Here's to you Mrs Rogerson

Actually, you can have Simpson and Garfknuckle a bit cheaper than the others as I got mixed up over which one was the shortarse. .

So Ladies and Gentlemen, these portraits have been praised by art critic Brian Sewer and they are now available to you. Getty has been after them, so you had better get your bids in.

(sorry no, a woman called Betty has been after them....well just the one of Cliff)

I am hoping to raise £20,000,0000 in the sale towards my campaign to be Elected Mayor. But frankly, if I raise more the £200 quid I'll be off to Blackpool for a piss-up instead.

Tatty Bye Everybody Tatty Bye