Saturday, 20 April 2013

Controversy over "Ceremonial" celebrations around figure still despised in Liverpool

Security mounts amidst threats of protest as Mr Cameron announces "Ceremonial" rather than "State" celebrations for Hitler's Birthday.

Security will be on high alert today, amidst threats to disrupt or stage protests during the procession and ceremony to mark Adolf Hitler’s birthday.

At an estimated cost of over DM10,000,000, for the ceremonial rather than state party, many are upset this money could be better used to buy Tanks and Doodlebugs.

The Gestapo has been monitoring social networking sites, Vogel Phiefen and Gesicht Buch, where there had been threats to disrupt the celebrations and a campaign had been launched to try and get the theme to Dad’s Army to  Number One in the charts. However, a rival campaign has begun to try and get Edelweiss to the number one spot.

In recent days a number of people have been arrested and shot by coalition storm troopers, including a primary school teacher, who wore a t-shirt in the class room, bearing the slogan “Hitler Butter Snatcher”

Mr Hitler’s years in power were regarded as divisive by many countries, but love him or loathe him, everyone admits that he was a commanding presence on the world stage. Nicknamed the Iron Cross Man, by Stalin, he is credited, along with Mussolini, and Hirohito with bringing an end to the peace before the second world war.

However in some parts of the country, there are reports of people engaging in impromptu celebrations and winebars running out of grand cru chardonnay. Some news reports even showed people in a street off Whitehall dancing and singing:
“Addy, Addy, Addy, Heil Heil Heil” 


Not always popular, perhaps the defining moment of turnaround was when Hitler re-took the Sudetan Land and went on to secure successive victories at the bullet box.

He followed a determined political path that was painful for many but felt necessary to secure a thousand years of prosperity.

Many of his supporters say that if he had known the misery caused by the policy of establishing controversial death camps across Europe, that he would have been shocked and indeed he often wrote touching letters to many of the families of the people he murdered saying they were next.

But many agree that, whatever your feelings about his politics, this is now the birthday of an old man and people should be allowed to mark the occasion with dignity and pay respects with a few jars and some cheesy snacks.

St Paul's Cathedral decorated for the party

Prime Minister Mr Kamikazi said it is only extreme right that we should pay this tribute, a sentiment echoed by Chancellor Osborman, who was seen to shed a tear as the choir sang Wagner’s “O du, mein holder Abendstern”     


Captain Klutz

 Since being forced out of power, by those who now line up to sneak in his policies, Mr Hitler had been a sad and lonely figure, suffering long term ill health. Since losing his beloved Eva in a shooting and cyanide accident, he spent his last 10 days almost alone in a small private suite in The Blitz.

Without doubt he was a conviction politician  and on this day, according to the Daily Mail, we remember, not the politics, but the man.

It was perhaps the Bishop of Berlin, while relating a hilarious anecdote about how during one of the Nuremburg Rallies, Hitler tried to have Goering shot for eating all the duck pate, who perhaps reminded us all of the person beneath the uniform.

Guten Tag Everybody Guten Tag
Be shoen to eachother

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